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The Grizzly Trail region offers superb hunting and fishing within an easy drive of Edmonton, Alberta. The trail runs north from the mixed farming area of Barrhead, through the rugged spruce and pine of Swan Hills, through miles of muskeg, to the rolling breakers and white sands of Lesser Slave Lake. This area of uncompromising beauty presents the sportsman with an opportunity to hunt and fish a wide variety of species. The area boasts a plentiful supply of black bear, elk, moose, whitetail and mule deer with some of the finest genetics. Grizzly Trail Guiding and Outfitting Ltd. has access to virtually all of the private land in its namesake, as well as a huge pasture of 33,000 acres.

To ensure that future generations can enjoy our industry, we believe in sound game management practices with minimal footprint to the environment.
Leo and Rita Schmaus together with their son, Hugh, are the experts behind Grizzly Trail Guiding and Outfitting Ltd. Leo has over 30 years of hunting and guiding experience to offer to clients. Leo has lived in this location all of his life and has hunted and fished throughout the entire area. Along with Hugh, he is proud to bring this knowledge and tradition to clients to make their hunting experience truly memorable. 

Grizzly Trail Guiding and Outfitting Ltd. is a family-run company located west of Barrhead, 75 miles northwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Most of our hunts are conducted right from home, complete with the finest home-style cooking prepared by Rita. We provide comfortable camp facilities and will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a satisfying and successful hunt.

At Grizzly Trail Guiding and Outfitting Ltd. , we offer both archery and rifle hunts, and do whatever it takes to give you the opportunity for the trophy you are looking for!

Alberta is one of the prairie provinces and the fourth largest province in Canada. Alberta is home to over 3.2 million people most of whom live in the two largest cities, Edmonton and Calgary. Alberta is the main producer of oil and natural gas in Canada and is also a top producer of wheat, oats, canola and barley. Dairy farms and cattle ranches are numerous in the flat prairie areas and southern foothills. With it's diverse landscape and topography including mountains, foothills, plains, and boreal forest, Alberta offers excellent hunting opportunities for Bear, Moose and Whitetail Deer.

At Grizzly Trails Guiding and Outfitting Ltd. we have secured some of the best hunting areas within the province for each of the species we hunt. We want our hunters to have great hunts, and that starts with doing everything possible to create opportunities for quality trophys!
Our Moose Hunts and our spot and stalk Bear Hunts are conducted from WMU 350 located in the Foothills of Alberta.

The Foothills are not only a region of majestic beauty, they are also home to some of the most interesting species in the province including elk, moose, deer and bears. The landscape of long ridges and rolling hills is filled with lodgepole pine, aspen and spruce while small streams wind their way through meadows of dwarf birch, willow and grasses.

Our baited Bear Hunts and our Whitetail Deer Hunts are conducted from WMU 507 located in the Northern Boreal Forest of Alberta.

The Boreal Forest Region comprises 48 percent of Alberta.The landscape in this particular region is covered almost entirely by trees, with aspen and balsam poplar dominating the evergreens. There is a great diversity of vegetation and wildlife in the boreal forest with water in the form of fens, bogs, lakes and rivers.

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We take pride in offering personal guided trophy hunts for bear, moose and whitetail deer with an emphasis on providing you the hunting experience of a lifetime all within a great family atmosphere. Grizzly Trail Guiding and Outfitting Ltd. hunts in northwestern Alberta which produces some of the finest trophy bear, moose and whitetail deer hunting in all of Canada.

We have 30 years of hunting experience. As professional outfitters it is our goal to provide our clients with the highest quality hunts, best services and facilities at competitive prices. As such, we are proud to say we have many repeat customers.

Every family is unique; thus, every family business is unique. At Grizzly Trail Guiding and Outfitting Ltd. we respect our family tradition and use our heritage to help determine our future goals and business practices.  We have the attitude and passion that is connected to insuring you experience the best hunting experience possible. We have the skills and way of thinking required for today and for the future.